Monday, October 23, 2017

Router Modes

Router Modes

User mode :                                                     Router> enable
Privilige mode :                                              Router#configure terminal
Global configuration mode :                          Router(config)#interface f0/0 
Interface mode                                               Router(config-if)#
rommon mode :                                             Setup mode

Ways to Access Cisco Router

You can access the cisco router using three way :

1) Console Port

2) Auxilary Port

3) Virtuall Access ( telnet)

 access router using console port  :

Start>Program>Access>Communication>Hyper Terminal
restore default

Router Internal And External Components


Temporiry memory only contain runing configuration.


Permananet memory contain all startup configuration


Conatin router IOS(internetwork Operating System).


Just conatin the information like bios.

Interface Ports :

Mainaly used send and receive a packets.


Fast Ethernet Ports

Serial Ports

t1 : 1.544 mbps ( us )
e1 : 2.048 mbps ( asia country )

Console Port :

Access the router using physically plug the console cable

Auxilary Ports :

Access the router but outside of network using modem


Switch mode power supply ( maintain the power section )

Friday, June 12, 2015

RIP Routing Information Protocol Lab 1 on GNS3

This is the first lab on RIP (Routing Information Protocol) Here Define how to Configure rip on cisco router what commands you need to set on terminal so that router set to be work as RIP version 1. Here Language is used Hinglish Hindi+English so you can learn easily no matter you know english only or hindi only. so friends if you like this video of RIP configuration then don't forget like, comment and  atlest share it for who need it more then you...